The answer to the question of whether house prices will rise in the next five years will depend on how much interest rates rise. The rise of interest rates is an important factor in house price growth, but it is not the only factor. The rise in mortgage debt will also be a big factor.
Zillow home price expectations survey predicts housing market will return to pre-pandemic levels by 2024

According to Zillow’s Home Price Expectations Survey, the housing market is poised to regain its pre-pandemic levels by 2024. The survey examined data from Zillow’s home inventory, supply, and prices in order to make its predictions. The results indicate that prices are expected to increase by 9% in 2024, and that the housing market will eventually return to pre-pandemic levels.

Home values rose 32 percent in the last two years. But a shortage of available inventory has left homes on the market for long periods. On average, a listing goes pending 16 days after it becomes active on Zillow. ‘s an increase of more than three days from last July. The number of homes on the market is expected to increase in the coming year as new construction ramps up. With more homes on the market, many buyers will have more options when making an offer.

Although the housing market remains competitive, the recent rise in mortgage rates is expected to slow the rise of home prices. Rising mortgage rates should dampen the rising demand for homes, but it’s too early to tell whether rising rates will have a major impact.
Interest rates will be key determinant of house price growth

In the next five years, interest rates will be one of the key determinants of house price growth. The base rate is expected to reach 2.5% early next year, but many analysts believe that the level will rise higher. A rise of this magnitude would have a significant effect on the affordability of mortgages. As a result, house prices are expected to fall slightly.

Although falling interest rates have benefited the housing market, they have also led to higher borrowing costs. Moreover, household finances have become stretched due to the high rate of inflation. Capital Economics estimates that mortgage rates in the UK are already over 5%. As a result, quoted mortgage rates will rise in tandem with the Bank of England’s interest rate rises.

According to , interest rates will be the biggest determinant of house price growth in the next five years. The average price of a house in Great Britain will rise by 5% this year, and in the next four years, the rise will slow. The reason for this slowdown is that households will be hesitant to purchase a home due to high interest rates. However, Hamptons anticipates that transactions will pick up again in 2024, thanks to pent-up demand and lower interest rates.
Hamptons predicts house prices will rise 2% by Q4 2024

A new Hamptons report predicts that house prices will rise 2% in the UK in Q4 2024, as the market finally starts to recover from its slump. The company believes that the summer of 2021 marked the peak in house price growth, and that the next wave of lockdown-induced demand will take place in 2022 and 2023. The following year, prices will rise 2% on average, with 1.2m transactions.

The report predicts a strong increase in house prices in central London over the next four years, but slower growth elsewhere. Rents are expected to outperform house prices over the next four years, and the South East of England are also expected to see strong growth.

The report suggests that house prices will start rising again, but will slow down at the end of next year, due to inflation and rising mortgage rates. There will also be little relief for renters, with prices remained stagnant by the end of 2022. Rising read this post from Del Aria Investments & Holdings will make it harder for households to borrow money and will lead to a drop in house prices.

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